Heath Lawn Care: Most Common Mistakes to Look Out For

Intentionally or not, there may be some things that you do in your lawn maintenance routine that may cause more harm than good. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you should keep in mind in your next Heath lawn care work:

  • Mowing too short.
    Remember that you only have to cut 1/3 of the grass blade. Mowing too close to the ground harms the grass itself, needing a lot more time to recover and grow back. Additionally, this mistake can also lead to scalping, which makes your lawn look bad and promote weed infestation.
  • Overwatering.
    Sprinklers can help you water your lawn better but doing it multiple times in a day usually prevents the grass from developing a deep root system and also encourages weed growth. Moreover, excessive watering only costs you more money. Water less, but do it deeper.
  • Misapplication of fertilizers.
    Misuse of fertilizers — applying too much, too often, or at the wrong time — can cause great harm to your lawn, instead of helping it thrive even more. Without proper knowledge, you may actually burn your lawn with improper use of fertilizers, especially those that contain high chemical values.
  • Using dull mower blades.
    Dull mower blades will tear the grass blades rather than cut it clean. A torn or ripped grass blade is more prone to insect damage and diseases. It will also cause the entire lawn to look dry and in need of watering, causing most homeowners to water much more than necessary.
  • Unnecessary resource utilization.
    Most often than not, people think that spending like crazy for their yard will yield the best results. But in fact, paying enough attention to the lawn, soil, and grass is the very key to a good-looking turf.

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